…and then, he began to sing…

Returning Home was privileged to assist a local Funeral Home at a beautiful funeral this week. This is what happened.
As the simple coffin stood at the front of the church with the perfume of fresh flowers atop, different family members shared memories, and amusing stories about their mum, grandmother and great grandmother who, despite her physical blindness, never allowed that to be an obstacle in raising her children, being a wife and travel the world while always holding the hand of her husband or another loved one.
As one of the sons paid his tribute he paused, and then began to sing….without any music…his voice reached those of us in the foyer and just like a mexican wave, hundreds of voices joined him in singing the familiar words of “what a friend we have in Jesus”. It was his mum’s favourite song.
It was a really tremendous sound and a magical moment in time. This was a celebration of love, honour, deep respect and sincere gratitude.
Isn’t it amazing just how one simple thing like a song could carry with it great power in recognition for a lady whose life was well lived, acknowledging her passion and warmth which continues to ripple throughout the family and friends and touch us as Funeral Professionals?