Memorials for Pets

Typical questions we get about the Bios Urn are, can we use it for our pets as well as for humans? The answer is YES, you can!

A Memorial for Benjie

The loss of a pet is profound, and generally the grief which accompanies such a loss is not often talked about.

While it is normal to mourn those we lose, there isn´t much in our cultural playbook for mourning the loss of a great companion and pet.
How do we honor our loyal companions, after they have spent their lives with us? For Jacky, she knew she wanted to do something special for her beloved dog Benji. Benji lived a long and happy life, and passed away at the age of 18 (which is 88 years old in dog years.)

Jacky´s mom got Benji for her when he was a puppy, when her dad passed away. As she says, “Benji was in a part of all of my good moments in life, but more importantly all of my bad moments.” As many pet-owners are familiar with this statement and feeling.

In May of 2016, Benji passed away of old age. Jacky discovered the Bios Urn online, and thought it was the best way to say a sweet goodbye to the dog she had grown with and loved for 18 years of her life.
She ended up planting his Bios Urn in a planter, with an indoor flowering tree. Knowing she didn´t have room to plant Benji´s Bios Urn in a backyard, she chose a planter so that she could take it with her where ever she goes and have his tree nearby.

“We chose a Nerium Oleander And every time that a flower grows we feel that he is present. Last year we moved to a different house and we could take the planter to any new place that we needed. He will be with us forever. The process of using a bios urn gives you peace that you look to in a sad moment.”

The beautiful thing is knowing you are able to not just honor your beloved pet, but to nurture something living in their memory. For Jacky, her Oleander tree is a friendly reminder every morning of not just her pet, but her best friend.