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 A burial shroud is a specially made covering wrapped around the deceased before burial or cremation. They are most commonly made of plain or coloured and decorated cotton, silk, linen, or wool.  They can be customized according to personal preference with different patterns or materials and personal additions.

Many families help in the making of a shroud for a particular person. In days when art and craft were the way in which the community came together, shrouds were made as a special gift for those who had very little or even for those who believed in the least amount of product being placed into the Earth or for cremation. ​In the days of sailing ships, sailors who died at sea were stitched into their hammocks before being committed to the deep!

Shrouds have been around for centuries and are cited as the first type of funeral “product” in history. Many major religions around the world historically use shrouds in their funeral practices, such as Judaism, Buddhism and Islam and the early Christians.

However, a shroud is not exclusively for religious use. As green burial practices began to become increasingly popular in the 21st century, burial shrouds have made an extremely popular come back and are the perfect garment to use in a natural burial.

A burial shroud can be used by itself or it can be used with a casket and can range in price, typically around $250-$1,000. Delivery times can vary.

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