What to do with Cremains

Cremains in your cupboard? Don’t know what to do with them? Feel at a loose end? Not sure? Have some ideas?

Ok then, we can help you decide what to do because we are able to offer a selection of urns suitable for water commemoration, earth burial, scattering or for memorization a loved one to create an everlasting memorial garden to turn cremains into a tree for generations to come.

It’s easier than you think and did you know that we can also help with a (small or large) memorial service for the loved one you have have been undecided about until now?

Just give us a call and our staff will talk to you about your options. We also offer a sea burial with a local provider. Even though we have an obligation free policy we are here just to see how we can help and offer some ideas that just might be the perfect solution for you!

Call our friendly team on 0438 257 612