Returning Home is a boutique funerary business owned and operated by Funeral Assistant Colleen Milne, in Victor Harbor on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

When looking for the right people to support you in times of need, Returning Home works with experienced Celebrants and Funeral Homes who are caring and compassionate, and focused on supporting local families through the loss of their loved ones.

Returning Home recommends experienced Celebrants over other officiants because they genuinely aim to provide all kinds of families and individuals with the highest level of service and care to each person, to ensure your needs and wishes are respected, and provided for.

Returning Home is committed to ensure that our products and services are within your budget, reflects you or a loved one’s individuality, and meets your needs with care and compassion.

The communities where we operate, and where we live, are an important part of our business.

Returning Home seeks to identify projects that are important to them, as well as take an active role in delivering sponsorship and volunteering opportunities.

Our community commitment is focused on supporting community clubs and helping to improve the well-being of individuals and the communities where we work.


Phone: 0438 257 612