Natural Urns and Hearts

There are many beautiful, earth-friendly options for the preservation of a loved one’s ashes, and at Returning Home you can buy them direct from us.  Some are available only through special order.

We carry a collection of hand-made Water and Earth Urns, as well as finely crafted ash containers made from renewable Cork, Jute, or Patented Recycled materials.

All of our Urns are made by selected suppliers and craftspeople who follow our ethos for organic and eco-friendly practices by using a range of renewable materials.

Most Urns are available in a variety of colours and sizes and some have a soft organic bag.

Bios Urn
(plus post)

Rainbow Urn

 Small $100.00 Medium $140 Large $190

Arka Acorns

$155.00 AUD

Adagio Cork Urn

$120.00 AUD

Deep Ocean Urn

$150.00 AUD

Journey Earth Urn

$150.00 AUD

Ocean Disk
$180.00 AUD (plus post)

'Botanique' in Green
(plus post)

'Botanique' in Blue
(plus post)

All Returning Home urns
hand crafted with love
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