Daisybox Cardboard Caskets


Contact seller for delivery costs, then to complete your purchase, simply scan the code from your PayPal account, and enter the total amount you wish to pay.


Phone: 0438 257 612
Email: returninghomesa@outlook.com



Do Daisybox Caskets meet Australian Standards?

Yes they do. They are leakproof and sturdy. Reliable triple layer fibreboard walls over 12mm thick. Easy to carry. Weighs only 6Kg. Strong – NATA rated to hold up to 120+kgIt takes less than half an hour to assemble your own Daisybox Casket including the lid.
Once you have assembled the flat pack all that is left is time that’s needed to decorate it as you wish. It’s no surprise it takes so little time, the instructions are via video by scanning the QR code with your phone, the parts are provided and if that’s not enough, we will either work with you to help you get it done OR we will do it for you, no extra charge. But really, when you can do it yourself and have a bit of fun along the way, why not give it a go? But we will help if you want, so don’t panic.
We also offer painting and decorating workshops for the caskets so be sure to enquire as to next available date – places are limited!

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